Dinner and Dance Games

It can be challenging, even frustrating, when you have booked a great DJ or put together a fabulous music mix, and everyone sits around like it's a junior high school dance, looking at one another across the room. Having some great dance games planned can get everyone up and moving so that the dance floor [...]

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6 Patriotic Moe Kasim Dresses Made Prior...

From mustsharenews.com https://mustsharenews.com/moe-kasim-dress/ Moe Kasim Features Singaporean Culture And Landmarks In His Dresses Unless you’re been living under a rock, you’d have seen photos of Miss Singapore in the wacky Trump-Kim summit inspired gown. The man behind it? Mr Moe Kasim, a self-trained local designer who helms his own creative firm, Moephosis Concepts. But if you’ve followed [...]

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What kind of costume should you wear for...

It’s December and the year is coming to an end soon, what does this mean? Holidays, year-end bonuses, company shut-down period… the annual Dinner & Dance (D&D) affair is here again! You’re at the right place if your reply is “oh no, not again… what kind of dinner dress should I wear?” You have to [...]

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