How to dress right for your company D�...

Credit: CNA Lifestyle How to dress right for your company D&D – so you don’t embarrass yourself BY TAN WEI LIN 18 NOV 2019 Rule No 2: Keep it covered up – nobody needs to see that much of you. CNA Lifestyle offers tips so you don’t stand out for the wrong reasons in front of [...]

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Moe’s National Costume Designs Ove...

We Love Singapore Here's a collection of Moe's National Costume designs over the years: 2019 Miss Singapore Supranational 2019   Miss Singapore International 2019 2018 Miss Singapore Supranational 2018   Miss Singapore International 2018   Miss Singapore Universe 2018  2017 Miss Singapore International 2017   Miss Singapore Universe 2017   Miss Singapore Supranational 2017   [...]

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Shin Min Daily News 1 November 2019, Friday

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How To Choose The Best Dinner And Dance ...

Page Credit: For Costume Rentals, view our eCatalog at now. What’s the fuss all about Dinner and Dance Themes and why you should care? Now, this is a question on a lot of committee’s minds, especially when party season comes around. As a dinner and dance emcee myself, I know how difficult it can be [...]

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Moephosis is proud to be the Official Sponsor of the National Costume for Miss Singapore International 2019.  

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