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Dinner and Dance Games

It can be challenging, even frustrating, when you have booked a great DJ or put together a fabulous music mix, and everyone sits around like it's a junior high school dance, looking at one another across the room. Having some great dance games planned can get everyone up and moving so that the dance floor [...]

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6 Patriotic Moe Kasim Dresses Made Prior...

From mustsharenews.com https://mustsharenews.com/moe-kasim-dress/ Moe Kasim Features Singaporean Culture And Landmarks In His Dresses Unless you’re been living under a rock, you’d have seen photos of Miss Singapore in the wacky Trump-Kim summit inspired gown. The man behind it? Mr Moe Kasim, a self-trained local designer who helms his own creative firm, Moephosis Concepts. But if you’ve followed [...]

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What kind of costume should you wear for...

It’s December and the year is coming to an end soon, what does this mean? Holidays, year-end bonuses, company shut-down period… the annual Dinner & Dance (D&D) affair is here again! You’re at the right place if your reply is “oh no, not again… what kind of dinner dress should I wear?” You have to [...]

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Why Buying Costumes from Taobao Is Somet...

Once you get past the language barrier and discover that you can easily shop on Taobao, you might have been buying and buying. We don’t blame you. Everything’s so cheap! Most people hesitated on purchasing clothes and costumes but eventually gave in because everyone looked so good on the models. Unfortunately, what you see is [...]

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Stan “The Man” Lee

Comic book legend Stan Lee, sadly passed away this week. He is the man who brought us Marvel Comics, and with it countless superheroes that have shaped the growing up years of many a youth! Here are some quotes from the legend that helped inspire us to be heroes in our everyday lives: “With great [...]

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Costume Ideas for your Office Dinner �...

In one of our earlier articles, we had put together a list of Choosing the best theme for your Office Dinner & Dance for you so you need not spend hours on Google searching for a suitable idea. Now let us help you with the next step of the dinner and dance party planning – selecting [...]

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Did you know? People who celebrate Hallo...

All holidays are fun, no doubt, but it has been observed that the ones who celebrate Halloween are more creative and better thinkers. Halloween is hands down the best holiday of them all. Why? Because there's no anxiety or stress involved, no people pleasing, cheap decor and lots of candies! No one to judge you [...]

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Halloween Hours, don’t wait until the ...

It’s the same story every Halloween. On 31st of October, you suddenly realize you need a costume for your Halloween party and head out to the showroom and find only a few high-priced dresses left in a size that’s too small for you. Disappointed with the price, you would try DIY dresses with the old [...]

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Choosing the best theme for your Office ...

Find an inspiring theme for your office dinner and dance A great theme will set the tone for corporate Dinner & Dance and other events. Themes can be inspiring and it can also be instrumental in delivering the right message to the audience. Office D&D is a great way to connect with the employees and [...]

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Moe Kasim began his early creative steps in the performing arts with the SAF Music & Drama Company (MDC) in 1990. Disciplined in singing, acting and dancing, he went way above and beyond his triple threats to pursue his innate passion in costume design. From his humble beginnings as a self-taught designer, his creative drive, [...]

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