Renting Costumes

What to Wear on a Special Occasion?

Do you have a birthday party to attend? Are you going for a themed party organized at your office? Do you have a special occasion coming up? The biggest confusion is to choose the best costumes. You can look for around the world costumes and pick the best one that’s suitable for your special occasion. [...]

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Halloween Hours, don’t wait until the ...

It’s the same story every Halloween. On 31st of October, you suddenly realize you need a costume for your Halloween party and head out to the showroom and find only a few high-priced dresses left in a size that’s too small for you. Disappointed with the price, you would try DIY dresses with the old [...]

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Choosing the best theme for your Office ...

Find an inspiring theme for your office dinner and dance A great theme will set the tone for corporate Dinner & Dance and other events. Themes can be inspiring and it can also be instrumental in delivering the right message to the audience. Office D&D is a great way to connect with the employees and [...]

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