Q: Why rent costumes from Moephosis? 
A: We’re a Costume Boutique, not a Warehouse. We believe that dressing up should be convenient, enjoyable and fun. With over 1000+ carefully curated and professionally-laundered costumes across 20+ categories to choose from, you’ll definitely be spoilt for choice. What’s more, we’re located just a 10 minutes stroll from Tai Seng MRT. So all you need to do is select your costumes online, drop by our shop for a fitting, and you’re all set to rock-and-roll.

Q: What kind of costumes do you have?
A: We have a wide range of costumes to cater to your fancy. Be it an occupational costume, a movie character or simply accessories, we will help to create the theme you have in mind and take you on your journey of transformation.

Q: How do I rent a costume?
A: That’s easy! Click on ‘Rent’ to view our eCatalog. Simply select the costumes you’d like to try on and book and appointment with us via our website when you check out your shopping cart. We will prepare the costumes for you when you visit us at our shop. No payment needed online!

Q: I have a themed event coming up but I do not know what to wear….
A: It would make it easier and more efficient for us if you have a character or theme in mind. That way, we can help put together a design concept and bring out the best in you. In any case, you can browse through our online catalogue for any inspiration for your fantasy dress up.

Q: Do your costumes come in different sizes?
A: Our vast costume collection comes in various sizes. Although some unique pieces may only be available in standard sizes, we will do our best and make every attempt to provide any necessary alterations for the costume to cater to your specific physique. We want you to be comfortable and at the same time, look good!

Q: Are you costumes clean?
A: We at Moephosis take pride in making sure that we offer quality products. All costumes are kept pristine and clean based on the industry standards and stored in a temperature-controlled environment. You can rest assure that upon collection of your costume, it would have been cleaned and laundered for you to shine at your event!

Q: I have a specific costume in mind but unfortunately you do not carry or have available the design I want.
A: In the unlikely event that we are unable to satisfy your costume requests, we will at best find an agreeable alternative to cater to your needs. It is inevitable that there are times when more than one of the same costumes have been reserved by clients. In such situations, we will offer alternatives and suggestions to closely match your desired outfit.

Q: Are your costumes for sale?
A: Unfortunately no. Our current practice is based solely on costume rentals and not for sale.

Q: Do you tailor customised costumes that I can purchase?
A: Absolutely! However, customising a new and tailored costume will entail a design/service fee. This would include fabric, tailoring/sewing and fitting services. You would also have to make an appointment for measurement and fitting to ensure that your desired costume fits you like a glove. It is also important to note that depending on the complexity of the costume design, customised costumes require a minimum time period of 30 – 45 days in advance for production.

Q: What is the average cost of costume rental and for how many days?
A: (please refer to T&C/Policies)

Q: My company have a corporate event and most of my colleagues and staff require costumes. Do you provide such services for bulk costume rental?
A: Corporate Staff Themed events are always a fun occasion to look forward to. Part of the fun is the “dressing-up” part. We are experienced in helping your company and your staff by providing the themed costumes for your event. We even throw in a corporate group discount for the rental of your costumes. As much as we enjoy providing this service, we hope you understand that this would entail dealing with a vast group of people and advise that costume reservations are made at least 2 weeks in advance so as to avoid any disappointments.