All holidays are fun, no doubt, but it has been observed that the ones who celebrate Halloween are more creative and better thinkers.

Halloween is hands down the best holiday of them all. Why? Because there’s no anxiety or stress involved, no people pleasing, cheap decor and lots of candies! No one to judge you and you judge no one either.

While some people may think that Halloween is a festival which just involves dressing up in costumes, it’s much more than that. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s the only time where the masks we wear usually on our faces come off, we are ourselves and do what we like.

Halloween is one holiday where everyone comes out of their shells and expresses themselves in the most creative way they can. It is observed that the ones who celebrate Halloween and get all excited about the festival are the most creative ones who have the sharpest brains.

Moephosis Concepts observed this in multiple parties where party-goers dress-up to have fun and enjoy themselves.

Below are some reasons which prove that Halloween is the best holiday and the ones who celebrate it are the bright ones:

1. It celebrates flaws

The best thing about Halloween? It celebrates flaws and shortcomings. Do you have a scar on your face? So cool! Are you extremely thin or bulky? No one cares. If anything, people wear weird costumes and put even weirder makeup on to look bizarre – as we said, no one cares, be whatever you want to be.

2. No drama of buying presents

When it comes to other holidays such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, more than you enjoy it, the fact that you have to buy presents for everyone starts bothering you and makes you anxious. Halloween, however, is free from all those materialistic things. Give a kid a candy, he’ll thank you and go home smiling!

3. You get to dress up your pets

Ah! Pet Halloween costumes are amazing! On this holiday, you can run your imagination beyond boundaries and go CRAZYYY! Dress your pets up like zombies and scare your neighbours away or dress them up cute and twin with them, totally up to you.

4. There are no rules

No rules, no restrictions. Go wild. Throw a party and no can tell you that you’ve done something wrong, because well, there is NO wrong or right way, just your way, quite the reason why people who love Halloween wait for it to come impatiently and get super excited for the holiday.

5. This holiday is all about facing your fears

While other holidays are dedicated to different things and causes, Halloween pushes people to embrace their flaws and face their fears. It’s a holiday which celebrates individuality and creativity. Dressing up for Halloween is a great way to express yourself and unleash that creativity within you.

6. No one to judge you

Halloween lovers wish it was Halloween every day because they miss the freedom they get during the holiday. This festival which celebrates individuality boosts one’s mood, cheers them up and distracts them from the current issues in their lives.

7. You mingle with your family in the best way

Halloween parties, wearing similar costumes, decorating together etc are some of the activities which bring you closer to your family in a way nothing else can. Children who celebrate Halloween are found to be happier, more creative and confident about who they are.