Have you ever attended a theme party or event? Isn’t it wonderful to visualize people in various colorful dresses with a variety of designs? Moephosis Concepts observed this in a multiple traditional events where the attendees are asked to come in traditional clothes.
Here are 10 outstanding traditional costumes from around the world you can try for a perfect match with the theme of the party.

The Indian Saree

When it comes to the top of the world costume rental dresses, the Indian Saree ranks on the list. From simple sarees to stylish ones, this nine-meter-long wrap fabric can be worn in various different ways.

Traje De Flamenca

A popular outfit of the Flamenco dancers of Spain, it is also considered as the performance costume for traditional dances. Elegantly decorated with polka dots, plain ribbons, the dress generally is carried in bright colors.


Want to have a tour of the culture of Hawaii? Make sure you don’t miss the Muumuu. This is a traditional dress of hawaii which comes loose in fitting with full length.

Baju Kurung

According to Moephosis, this is a traditional dress of Malaysia. Popular as the national dress of Malaysia and Brunei, this outfit takes you back to the tradition in the 1970’s.


Also known as the Mandarin gown, this outfit comes from the history of China. The Cheongsam gown is worn by the women while the men wear Changshan during
traditional functions in which the body remains covered from tip to toe.


Dirndl is a circular skirt that is popular in countries like Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. The costume is related with the Alpine peasants and includes a long skirt, an apron, bodice and a shirt.

Tricana Poveira

Ranking among the Around the world costume rental dresses, Tricana Poveira is a Portugal traditional outfit from the city of Povoa de Varzim. The costume is worn by the Tricana girls during special occasions.

Ao Dai

This is a beautiful outfit from Vietnam. Made out of only silk, the dress is seen adorning the bodies of women on special occasions as well as formal ones too representing the feminine beauty of the Vietnamese.

Kilts from Scotland

From occasional wear to strict dancing, the Kilts represents the beauty, of Scotland. The attire is widely combined with the pipe players which make the traditions alive during events.

Balinese temple dress

A quite simple dress from Indonesia, this long outfit is worn during religious traditions carried out in the temples of Bali. The dress is also a combination of textiles like batik and ikat weaving.
The traditional dresses not only make the events colorful but also give an opportunity to learn the values it comes with.