It’s December and the year is coming to an end soon, what does this mean? Holidays, year-end bonuses, company shut-down period… the annual Dinner & Dance (D&D) affair is here again! You’re at the right place if your reply is “oh no, not again… what kind of dinner dress should I wear?”

You have to maintain your image and impression as it’s a corporate function afterall. Dressing will depend on your company’s culture, the location (hotel? restaurant? office?) and most importantly, the theme of the night.

Here’s a mini survival guide (for ladies, sorry gentleman) to your company’s D&D. The suggestions here are dresses or other clothing you can wear everyday for work or play. If you were to buy a costume, most likely you’ll have to chuck it in your wardrobe after wearing it once.

Some common dinner & dance (D&D) themes and suggestions on dressing:

1. Circus / Carnival Theme

This theme is all about having fun, unleashing your inner alter ego. Material worn has to be stretchable or lux, depending whether or not you’ll be dancing much. Clothing can be loud, colourful or simply something that attracts attention – it’s the circus after all! Think tailcoats, top hats, sequins, feathers, tights skirts, bustiers and for those daring enough.. laces, lots and lots of laces.

For ladies, you can go for a few styles depending on your personality. Get a tailcoat and a short skirt + fish net stockings, or prepare to have a wild and fun night with something burlesque-ish. If you prefer pants, wear a jumper, jump suit or pant suit and top it off with a tophat.

The key is to let go, have fun, accessorise. Top hats, whips, masks, gloves, chokers, are your best friend. Of course, you may get tips from the movie hit ‘The Greatest Showman’. It’s a very popular theme for 2018.


2. Greek (Grecian) / Romantic Roman Style

Tasked to dress up as a Grecian or Roman? Usually you can dress up for this theme with a low budget. Material of your dress (you can also DIY!) should be soft and flowy (i.e chiffon or cotton), clothing should drape easily. If you want to play safe wear white and gold (gold is essential!) and toga style dresses. Shoes should be open-toe or sandal style. Tie a gold thread at the back of your heels or sandals and criss-cross it across your calf. Pick a braided gold headband or hairband (those with golden flowers or leaves will do too).

3. Retro / Disco Dress-up

Another common theme is retro or disco. Think a-go-go style dresses, prints and even white polka dots. Depending on whether you want to look funky, elegant or classy.

4. Hollywood Glamour

If the party is held at a hotel and you’re not expected to be in gowns and tuxedos, follow this guide. Else you may need to rent a gown and some gloves. Similar luxurious/royal themes include Las Vegas, Red Carpet or Casino Royale. Most ladies would wear black, I can guarantee you that. Safe picks include black (this is not just safe but very boring), maxi dresses and long dresses. Want to be more adventurous or be in the limelight? Then go as a Celebrity Icon. Think Marilyn Monroe, Cher, Audrey Hepburn, Lady Gaga, Madonna or any of your favourite star.

Not sure which dress would be suitable for your D&D? Don’t worry. Just email us with your theme and measurements at